Volatile Acidity in Natural Wine: A Sour Taste or a Tangy Twist?

In the world of wine, preferences are as diverse as the wines themselves. One topic that sparks a fiery debate among natural wine aficionados is the presence of volatile acidity (VA). In general, VA is considered one of the “swear words” of wine. But it’s more of a worry for winemakers than it is for […]

Science in the Cellar

A cellar can be an incredibly creative and innovative place, and winemaking an artistic process. It’s all about imagining what you want to create, what steps you will take to get to that finished product, and then using all your senses to get there. In the vineyard, you’re tasting the berries and crunching the pips […]

Wonderful Weeds: Our Seasonal Assistants

What if I told you that both the below pictures were taken in Spring within one day of each another, and are located less than 5km apart. Would you believe me? Now, what if I asked you which soil you think grows the best fruit? Unsurprisingly, most people will say “the one with the flowers!” […]

The Morning Claret: Simon Woolf Reviews Nativo

Simon Woolf is an award-winning English writer, and the author of the world’s first book on the full history of orange wines, the Amber Revolution. He is also the founder and editor of The Morning Claret, an online platform that celebrates the “lesser-known, wilfully obscure, and under-appreciated nooks and crannies of fermented grape juice”. The […]

WineMag.co.za: Nativo White Blend 2019

By Christian Eedes, 12 May 2021 Published on Winemag.co.za Viognier haters, don’t run away. The White Blend 2019 under the Nativo label as made by Swartland producer Hughes Family Wines contains 77% of this sometimes quite heady variety along with 9% Chenin Blanc, 8% Roussanne and 6% Grenache Blanc but works well. Complex aromatics of peach, […]

Nativo Wines, i vini biodinamici firmati Hughes Family: il volto naturale del Sudafrica

DALL’ARGENTINA ALLO SWARTLAND CON UN SOGNO: «CHIUDERE IL CERCHIO, DALLA VIGNA ALL’ETICHETTA» Da Mendoza allo Swartland. Dalla terra del vino argentino per antonomasia a Western Cape, nuovo eldorado della viticoltura sudafricana. È una storia di visione e di rispetto per la terra che t’accoglie – e che finisci ben presto per sentire un po’ tua – quella […]

WineMag.co.za: Nativo Special Releases

Argentinian-born marine engineer Billy Hughes and his late wife Penny bought an old wheat farm outside Malmesbury in 2000, the farm today certified organic by the company Lacon and grapes sought after by some leading winemakers. Own production occurs under the Nativo label, two more unconventional wines currently available as follows: Nativo Flora 2017 Price: […]

Did You Know: Tempranillo

THE MOST EXOTIC MEMBER OF THE NATIVO RED BLEND Otherwise known as Tinta Roriz, Tempranillo (temp-rah-nee-oh) is one of the lesser-known, more exotic red varietals grown on our farm, and is a key component of our signature Nativo Red Blend. It makes up 2-8% of the blend yearly, depending on the annual yield, and is an integrative […]

Food and Wine Pairing

Creating a menu for a pairing dinner with my brother Billy Hughes and his wines: Nativo from The Hughes Family wines from South Africa.

February 2019 – A month of firsts

As most winemakers know, February can be chaotic, but in the best way possible. Harvest hits its peak, in the Swartland anyway, and days at the cellar are filled with collecting of grapes, dropping off of crates, tasting the berries and making sure everything is clean to receive the next load of grapes. February was […]