Our Wines

Our Wines

At The Hughes Family Wines, we make only two wines per vintage, a Red Blend and a White Blend. There is no recipe for Nativo blends.

The idea is to make wines that taste, smell and feel like the farm that they belong to, so both wines are naturally fermented, meaning we add no commercial yeast, and are made very simply. Each year, the vineyard delivers something unique, and therefore each vintage is unique with its own combination of flavours.

While each blend is an individual, they are each a distinct combination of different ‘shades of flavour’ sourced from the same ‘palette’ that the vineyard supplies. Our only job is to listen to the wines and give them what they need to reach their full potential. Only old wood is used to allow the full, natural flavours of the wine to shine. Pure and unpretentious, our wines are excellent food wines that complement food rather than undermine it. With a subtle spicy element in the reds, and a gentle citrus-acidity in the whites, our wines are particularly adept at moulding themselves around most types of cuisine.

The Billy Hughes shortlist

Red 2017


A natural approach to viticulture and red soils bring forth aromas of bright red berries, with a subtle and fresh acidity complemented by mineral overtones. A warm mouth feel and a gentle finish on soft tannins.

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