Volatile Acidity in Natural Wine: A Sour Taste or a Tangy Twist?

In the world of wine, preferences are as diverse as the wines themselves. One topic that sparks a fiery debate among natural wine aficionados is the presence of volatile acidity (VA). In general, VA is considered one of the “swear words” of wine. But it’s more of a worry for winemakers than it is for […]

Science in the Cellar

A cellar can be an incredibly creative and innovative place, and winemaking an artistic process. It’s all about imagining what you want to create, what steps you will take to get to that finished product, and then using all your senses to get there. In the vineyard, you’re tasting the berries and crunching the pips […]

Wonderful Weeds: Our Seasonal Assistants

What if I told you that both the below pictures were taken in Spring within one day of each another, and are located less than 5km apart. Would you believe me? Now, what if I asked you which soil you think grows the best fruit? Unsurprisingly, most people will say “the one with the flowers!” […]

February 2019 – A month of firsts

As most winemakers know, February can be chaotic, but in the best way possible. Harvest hits its peak, in the Swartland anyway, and days at the cellar are filled with collecting of grapes, dropping off of crates, tasting the berries and making sure everything is clean to receive the next load of grapes. February was […]

January 2019: Off with a bang

Mid January came with a bang as harvest began and the cellar erupted like a busy bee-hive. Tractors chugging through the cellar, stacked crates of grapes, instructions shouted over the hum of the generator and thorough shaking of the de-stemmer, and the slow and steady descent of the basket press. Despite the productive chaos, the […]

New Year 2019

The Fire As many of you know, the end of 2018 was a tough one for us when a warehouse fire robbed us of the majority of our stock, and the last 3 years of hard work and beautiful wines. This event forced us to stop all sales of our wine on the market, and […]