The Morning Claret: Simon Woolf Reviews Nativo

The Morning Claret is building the world’s largest catalogue of orange wine reviews, and we were lucky enough to have Simon review two vintages of our Nativo Amarillo, as well as our Red and White Blends. Nativo Special Releases

Argentinian-born marine engineer Billy Hughes and his late wife Penny bought an old wheat farm outside Malmesbury in 2000, the farm today certified organic by the company Lacon and grapes sought after by some leading winemakers. Read more

Did You Know: Tempranillo

Otherwise known as Tinta Roriz, Tempranillo (temp-rah-nee-oh)is one of the lesser-known, more exotic red varietals grown on our farm, and is a key component of our signature Nativo Red Blend. Read more Nativo White Blend 2019

Complex aromatics of peach, apricot and pineapple, a slight waxy note and some notes of herbs and spice in the background precede a palate showing good depth, punchy acidity and a savoury finish. Read more

il volto naturale del Sudafrica

Da Mendoza allo Swartland. Dalla terra del vino argentino per antonomasia a Western Cape, nuovo eldorado della viticoltura sudafricana. Read more

Sulphites in my organic wine?

There are many reasons a person is attracted to any organic product, most of which have to do with health and environmental impact. Read more

February 2019: A month of firsts

Harvest hits its peak, in the Swartland anyway, and days at the cellar are filled with collecting of grapes, dropping off of crates, tasting the berries and making sure everything is clean to receive the next load of grapes. Read more

January 2019: Off with a bang

Mid January came with a bang as harvest began and the cellar erupted like a busy bee-hive. Tractors chugging through the cellar, stacked crates of grapes. Read more

New Year 2019

As many of you know, the end of 2018 was a tough one for us when a warehouse fire robbed us of the majority of our stock, and the last 3 years of hard work and beautiful wines. Read more

Food and Wine Pairing

Creating a menu for a pairing dinner with my brother Billy Hughes and his wines: Nativo from The Hughes Family wines from South Africa. Read more