Our Cellar


Making wines in a simple way so as not to disturb the wines natural processes, our wines are fully organic and reflect the natural flavours of their place of origin.


We vinify each cultivar separately and use a combination of stainless steel tanks and Oak barrels to ferment and mature them. After a few months and when we are confident about the quality of each of the components, we blend them together and bottle them a few weeks later.

We try to keep the addition of SO2 to a minimum and we add no other chemical to the wines. In addition to EU and NOP organic regulations, the winemaking complies with the guidelines set by the Swartland Independent Producers (SIP) where the wines must be naturally produced and reflect the true sense of origin.

“Our soils are red and high in clay content. This produces wines that are dark, dense and masculine. Our mission in life is to tame them a bit and give them more subtle and feminine tones. We achieve this by using whole bunch fermentation, harvesting early and breaking the skins as little as possible.”


We have built an underground cellar using retired shipping containers, stones and other natural materials from our area. The idea is to create an environment for winemaking that is stable in temperature without using man made energy to do it.

Architectural concepts such as earth coupling, thermal mass, green roof and passive energy are all applied here. Read more about the development and principles of our cellar here.


Over the years, we have had the privilege of working together with wonderful winemakers who have shown us the path to making great wines …

Jeremy Borg, Rolanie Lotz, and a few others helped us make wine in the early days, when we did not have our own cellar. Bryan MacRobert worked with us from 2013 to 2016, after which he decided to pay full attention to his own wine venture in Rioja, Spain. With Bryan we reached the Diners Club Wine Maker of the Year final in 2014 and harvested high ratings in Platter’s. Lieze Norval is our current winemaker. She has a beautiful affinity to our grapes and together with her we are learning how to make the best wines around. She is also a wonderful photographer, and many of her pictures have been used in this website.

What people are saying about us

I’ve been a big fan of Nativo since first meeting Billy and tasting the wines when we opened Publik wine bar, not just because the wines are of high quality but because of the sustainable farming methods he employs that go into making the wines more than just delicious, but responsible too. Then there’s the grape varieties – working with the likes of Roussanne, Grenache, Tempranillo, Mourvedre and more, which for me speaks to the adventurous side of Billy and his desire to make great wine using interesting blends.

David Cope

Publik Bar

Working with the fruit for the last few years has been a journey as its able to make very expressive wines from this great terroir in the Swartland. Purity has always been key in great wines and one doesn’t have to look further in capturing it when working with Kasteelsig fruit. On these deeper red soil sites focus is key in order to harvest at the right time and this is part of the fun side should you get it right!

Jurgen Gouws

Intellego Wines

We have had the enormous privilege of being involved with Billy Hughes, Nativo wines, Kasteelsig Vineyard for many years. We first met Billy and his late wife Penny in 1997 and was struck their kindness and passion for wine. Ten years later I was fortunate to have an opportunity to buy grapes for our fledgling wine, and it wasn’t long before they were amongst the first investors in Painted Wolf wines. In the early days, I shared grapes and cellar facilities with Nativo for 4 vintages ? , and have continued to buy Kasteelsig grapes. I enjoy and respect Billys philosophies on organic and natural wines and his regard for the integrity of the vineyard at Kasteelsig from which Nativo was born. Billys wines are a true reflection of one of the very best vineyards in the Swartland. Testimony to this claim can be found in the numbers of highly regarded wines sourcing grapes from Kasteelsig vineyards. Nativo wines represent the essence of the vineyard, restrained, elegant, sophisticated and as an added bonus, organic.

Jeremy Borg

Painted Wolf Wines

We at Wine Concepts have been supporting Nativo wines from inception. Why have we done this? Simply that these hand crafted wines have wowed our clients vintage after vintage. Billy’s dedication to making premium quality wines from selected Swartland vineyards is relentless…..and the upside for our consumers, besides the quality, is that they are also very well priced. We wish Billy and his team all the best for the future.

Michael Bampfield Duggan

Wine Concepts Newlands