Our Vineyard

In our vineyard we use our Trilogy approach to farming, where we overlap three recognized philosophies to obtain balanced wines.


The Organic Movement started when modern large-scale agricultural practices began to appear …

The Organic Movement, for which we are certified in both EU and NOP standards, is the base of our system. It is a very large, well-recognized and organized movement with many certification agencies and supporters. The main feature of the movement is the prohibited use of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides in the production of crops and other foodstuff which encourages a self-sustainable, reduced-input approach to farming and winemaking. However, it does not give any input on how to make good wine or produce good crops. It just says what you cannot do.


The Biodynamic movement was created by Rudolph Steiner in the early 1900’s …

The biodynamic approach is our second philosophy. It is similar in many ways to the organic movement, but it is also about subtle energies and the influence of planets and the cosmos on the performance of living things. It features Biodynamic Preparations that we use in the production of our composts and which we apply to the vineyard.


The third movement, the Mineral Soil or Ideal Soils, is about the vine diet and how to feed it properly. We know that animals and humans need proteins, carbs and fats to ensure a good diet. Plants also need a balanced diet of calcium, manganese, sodium and potassium in the right quantities to ensure a healthy life. This movement looks at restoring the mineral balance that creates the ideal soil for plant and animal health.


The two pictures shown here were taken on the same day in early Spring.

The top one is from a neighbouring conventional farm, where herbicides and pesticides ensure the soil is hard and absent of any life. The bottom one is from our farm, where we encourage nature to do its thing. It is obvious to us which farm produces the best wine